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Looks incredible

I am working right now on a similar engine in 3/4 perspective, but movement is grid-based rather than coordinate. Also, combat is going to be turn based (though the rest of the game won't).
How far are you on your pathing AI? With the enemy in the same room I couldn't test it. I would be interested in comparing notes at some point.

tidily81 responds:

Damn! It's not everyday that a clock talk to me! I dont understand your grid based movement.. Is this like moving case by case?
I wish you good luck!
What did you say about the AI ?! I didn't get that..
Send me your .swf file, it looks interesting! You can e-mail me at I would like to know how do you deal with your walls? I got problem with this.. you can see my Flash : Question 4 game creators
it explain my problem...